The Role of G5 Nations in the Era of COVID -19


Dr . Manju Dagar, International Journalist

For G5 or UNSC member countries, I have some questions for them – The superpowers must apprise the world with their answers, off course, they are responsible – to respond my Questions?
The world’s five superpowers also have a collective responsibility to the world and a morale partnership to support each other in any global crisis – be it natural or man made disaster. (Yes ! I am talking about, Covid -19-Corona Virus – human error in the lab).
But, I am seeing very unnatural thing, where this epidemic erupted, there everything started to become normal, i.e. I mean we can see normalcy in Wuhan, and the other hand the whole world is still struggling to get out of this crisis. Rather, I can say just struggling, without seeing any hope of coming out of this pandemic.
However, the well-known opposites – US & Russia have join hands amid this pandemic crisis, to fight against this disaster which is killing – Health, Wealth and might of superpowers. Covid-19-Corona Virus is not a game, whereas China made a charity of this disastrous virus as gift of 2020 to the world. Superpowers are new sci-fi kind of joke, when we see they surrender before this pandemic. They are on their knees – “help less”.
We have written about this “Biological Weapon” I mean about this Covid-19-Corona Virus earlier too, and how, China has used this as a tool to destabilize the world. And, it has been done so smartly, that creator of this virus is blaming others, and trying to be hero out of the blue. I know, it was intelligence failure of CIA and America, but at the same time, I also know, CIA will come up with the truth, as MI5 & MI6 are also reviewing the relationship with China with UK. I am also sure, the truth will come to the table, as World citizens have been died meaninglessly and mercilessly, due to Communist misadventure.
Recently, the UK Government has also received intelligence input and detailed report that the virus was first transmitted from Chinese lab to animals and then spread to humans, which has now taken a fatal form. You see, the security service has given detailed information to Cobra Unit in this regard. In the report, it is said that there is a credible idea about the nature of the virus. In no case this has been accidental out of control, it has been spread and tested in Wuhan Virus Lab. Denying the fact means you are throwing send to our eyes. And, no one can deny -The Institute of Virology exists in Wuhan only. It is the most advanced lab in China to create Biological Weapon. This institute is located just 10 miles from the animal market, and lab needs animal for testing. We are not fools, Superpowers may have some understanding – to giving curtain on the dearth’s, but we journalist know how to uncover that.
Creation of these kind of uncontrollable and disastrous virus cannot be matter of proud for the history of China or to the world. It’s a weapon used to massacre to mass, and then too no shame on the face of world leaders, no voice against the creator despite knowing who is behind the dirty game of biological warfare, and no real answer yet- what is Covid-19-made off, and where it is made off – Silence of the superpowers says and it is proved – Money is above all- let the people burry in cases. The Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpiling of Bacteriological and Toxin Weapons and on their Destruction was the first multilateral disarmament treaty banning the production of an entire category of weapons. Covid-19-Corona virus production and testing and storage of virus from dead bodies is a clear cut violation. China violated it. G5 Must take responsibility and justice needs to be done to those 100000 Plus people resting in peace.
The biggest problem is that – no one knows – its genetic history, China no sharing the programmed history of its origin, so that we can have medicine. This Covid-19-Corona virus production seems like a game of devils mind, who wants to destroy the world, even if it goes with his self destruction. I would say this a complete case of Human Rights Violations and murder of humanity.
You can dismiss my theory, but I have some facts to put before you to analyze and understand my point of view – about China and its violation of producing such kind of virus. Yes what is the need to produce and store this kind of virus? It is because – there was an atmosphere in the world, standing against China; Due to its invasion policy, having affair with terror state like Pakistan and North Korea, Power imposition on Hong Kong, Killing of Uighar Muslims in the name of terrorism, and misuse of veto in UNSC against India for a terrorist that too not of his Country, bargaining countries thru economic terrorism based on loan given – Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives and so many countries – and so many kind of vilations. Ambitious, China did this to prove, I am the game, I am the power – I am the superpower, I am game changer bigger and better then America.
It is not that China has never commited any mistake among the five superpowers. Other superpowers have also been making mistakes constantly and knowingly. America has also been making mistakes being ally with Terroristan, who kept Osama in his Country. Recently, their Taliban settlement is also a big mistake, which we started seeing from the day the deal was done. Russia too had made mistakes, which they had to pay for it in the form of eleven pieces. But Russia is also learning from those same mistakes. But on the other hand, no superpower has yet made such a mistake that the entire humanity has to pay, excluding china. China needs to be booked in ICJ.
Think for yourself where the onset of the disease has taken place, the loss is only around 3500 and thousands and off miles away up to 100,000 dead body. Such a possibility can only happen when either the world has not been told the correct figure or you have its treatment but you do not want to share with the world. Then how can we trust Chinese humanity angle and call him a world savior? Who only think of his happiness and that too for tag of being called as superpower? Now, the big Question is – is China eligible to be called as superpower – a big no – as you are standing on pseudo economic growth, no freedom in your Country means – treating people like animals, and the worst – you are sitting on the tower created by dead bodies of the world citizen. With a cheap mindset, to kill people for your own benefit, can be seen only in Communist. Not right. You can’t win.
China is a continuous violators of the act – The Convention on the Prohibition of the Development, Production and Stockpiling of Bacteriological and Toxin Weapons and on their Destruction. In 2004, due to seep out from the Chinese lab, the deadly SARS virus was spread; its results were also suffered by many countries. The Chinese government then stated that it had happened due to negligence and had also punished 5 of its senior officials. Even then why didn’t any superpower question CHINA? I would also like to draw your attention here that the Chinese newspaper People’s Daily said in 2018 that China is also involved in experimenting on microorganisms such as deadly Ebola virus. Now you think yourself Ebola, SARS happened and now the Corona. China is a serial offender. We must lock-down China for good, as punishment for killing Globally.
The Silence of G5 Nations or I mean UNSC Members, is Questionable? Its really, very sad to know – France is silent, America is silent, selling LNG and Italy who is innocent in this game is paying the price for being friend of China and America. The Ambition to be called as “ Superpowers” has killed many people, now how America, England, Russia, France Governments can show face to there own citizen? Because, China knows he has also some trump cards in his pocket against these four. You can say, if you stripe China, China will stripe and tease these four super powers. That is why – G5 is silent – am I right – Mr or Mrs of G5?
Just give a thought – when Chinese goods are questionable, leadership is questionable, government is questionable, and economic data is questionable – Why World Leaders are silent? You want an example – let me give you one instance – Spain is hit badly COVID-19-Corona catastrophe. Spain, suffering the devastation of the epidemic, purchased test kits from China for rapid screening of the corona virus, but they are unable to detect corona positive patients. Low-level Chinese test kits have deceived Spain at a time when this European country is most affected by the corona virus in the world.
Take another example: The Netherlands government’s decision to get masks from China to combat the Corona virus also overshadowed itself. China sent six (6) million masks to the Netherlands, all of which turned out to be useless. And leave aside, China has betrayed its evergreen friend Pakistan. China had offered to send medical supplies to Pakistan to deal with the corona virus. Pakistan accepted this offer happily, but when medical supplies arrived, Pakistan Government senses out of their nerves because it was found out that it is made of “Panties”. I am not in a situation to laugh or cry on – China or Chinese – Products – both are senseless.
On a serious note, it is the morale and legal liability of the Superpowers to ask straight forward to – People’s Republic of China, that – is China taking Globally Citizens life like Chinese Product? Is life of people so cheap? On the other hand, China enjoying the death of civilians globally, by sending its mountaineering team to conquer Mount Everest, beware this side is India. India runs by mood. Do you think it is normal behavior? It is sadistic pleasure enjoyed by Chinese Government and Chinese People.
At the last – Who calls you Superpowers – Your won Countrymen, and you have no guts to stop China, You all be in trouble, in your election, as Public is the real Superpower, mind it. Get in for God shake, to use your power to save the world from ill thought process of China – that – it will become superpower by killing superpowers. Collective Power can help, and it will help to decrease casualties too.

Dr . Manju Dagar, International Journalist