Suspicious man reported in Davis


Davis, May 4 (Punjab Mail)- Davis Police Department responded to a report of a male subject who was possibly armed with a rifle walking in the greenbelt and bike path area near Putah Creek in South Davis (near Drew Circle). Officers responded and searched the area but were unable to locate the person. Officers did locate items that indicated that someone may have recently discharged a BB or pellet gun.

The Davis Police Department has received at least two similar reports within the last week. Officers similarly located evidence that a BB or pellet gun was discharged on a previous occasion. Officers have not found any evidence that a rifle or shotgun has been discharged. There is some variance of descriptions provided by people who have reported seeing the person. The person responsible for these incidents has not been found to be associated with any locations at, or near the bike path and police have no verified or reliable information regarding the identity the person.

Officers are investigating these reports and are asking anyone with information about the incidents to call the non-emergency line at 530-74-5400. Please dial 911 to report an emergency or suspicious activity. The public is reminded that the discharging of any type of firearm, including air guns, in the City Limits is a violation of Davis Municipal Code.