Punjab government must ensure MSP on its own: Gurmeet Singh Meet Hayer


Chandigarh, October 21 (Punjab Mail)-  Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) young MLA Gurmeet Singh Meet Hayer, speaking on the floor of the House on the deadly agriculture Bills brought in by the Modi-led NDA government at the centre, said that Punjab’s revenue should be increased in view of the future challenges faced by the agrarian state so that the Government of Punjab was able to have the MSP on its own, adding that all kinds of mafias ruling the roost in the state had to be   eradicated.

Citing examples of Tamil Nadu and Telangana states, Meet Hayer said “If by pursuing pro-state policies, Tamil Nadu government can earn a whopping Rs 32,000 crore from excise tax and Telangana mining can increase revenue from Rs 400 crore to Rs 4,000 crore, why can’t Punjab?”

Meet Hayer said that in Punjab private corporate houses had already been destroying  the government resources, adding that there was no difference between the Ambani-Adani and the who’s who of political spectrum, when it came to ‘looting’ Punjab, asserting that both were indulging in an open ‘loot’ of Punjab.