Punjab Government issues  SOP for outward movement of stranded persons in Punjab


Chandigarh, 1 May (Punjab Mail) – The Punjab Government today issued standard operating procedures (SOP) for outward movement of stranded persons in Punjab due to cerfew/ lockdown imposed in State to prevent spread of Covid19 Pandemic. Informing in this regards today a Spokesperson of Punjab Government said that as per the instructions of Government of India outward movement of stranded persons in Punjab would be start on May 5, 2020.

He further said as per the SOPs Within 48 hours of receipt of this letter each DC shall get filled performa from each willing person who wants to go out from Punjab. a performa which is available at link www.covidhelp.punjab.gov.in. He said  once a person has filed the proforma on link for his family/group, he/she will be given a system generated unique ID for the full family/group. By 09:00 A.M of 03-05-2020 all the districts should get complete information filled in the given link by all the Interested persons.  ‘Access to backend of the link would be provided to all DCs by Dr. Sumit Jarangal, IAS member, State COVID control room in a couple of days and hence on May 3, 2020 at 09:00 am the DCs will be in a position to access the data base and see all details qua their district ‘ he said. He further said during these two days when process of data collection is on the DCs should simultaneously prepare for setting up an adequate number of Health check up camps to cater to such persons who are desirous of moving out. Bulk SMSS should a sent informing each person about the date and location of camp where he/she is to be screened. Members of a family/group must be screened at one camp itself. The screening should be completed by 04-05-2020 night at all costs.

Once a  person is screened and found asymptomatic   he/she will be issued a certificate in form F by the health team.

He said that Movement of persons shall start from May 5, 2020. number and other details of the buses or other mode of transport that will be used to ferry the outbound persons will be shared separately with DCs. DCs will have to create teams which will go to the link www.covidhelp.punjab.gov.in and enter ID of each group/family who leaves the state of Punjab.