Punjab Government allows teaching social studies in English medium in Government Schools


Chandigarh, May 15 (Punjab Mail)- The Punjab Government has allowed the teaching of social studies in English medium in all the government schools with the objective of empowering the students of government schools on par with the students of private schools and increasing the enrollment of children in government schools.

 A spokesperson of the State Council of Education Research and Training (SCERT) Punjab office here today said that the director of the council Mr. Inderdeep Singh has written a letter to the district education officers in this regard.

 According to the spokesperson, Science and Mathematics are already being taught in English medium in government schools and now social studies has also been allowed to be taught in English medium in all government schools. It has also been clarified that English medium will be applied only on the option given by the students and no student will be compelled to do so. The decision is expected to significantly increase the enrollment in government schools.