Chandigarh, July 16 (Punjab Mail)- To check profiteering by private hospitals during the current pandemic, the Captain Amarinder Singh led Punjab Government has fixed their Covid treatment rates.
The decision was announced on Thursday after a Covid review Video Conference (VC) meeting chaired by Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh.
The rates, finalized for Private Hospitals and Medical Colleges by Dr. K.K. Talwar Committee, cover isolation beds, ICU treatment and hospitalisation charges, per day of admission.
For Moderate Sickness requiring Isolation Beds, including supportive care and oxygen, the rates per day of admission are fixed at: Rs 10,000 for all Private Medical Colleges / NABH Private Hospitals with teaching programme from NBE, Rs 9000 for NABH accredited Hospitals (Including Private Medical Colleges without PG/DNB Course) and Rs. 8000 for Non- NABH accredited Hospitals.
The rates across these categories of hospitals for Severe Sickness (ICU without need for ventilator) have been capped, respectively, at Rs. 15000, Rs. 14000 and Rs 13000, while for Very Severe or Critical patients, these are fixed at Rs 18000, Rs, 16500 and Rs 15000 respectively.
All these rates are inclusive of PPE cost, according to an official spokesperson.
In order to encourage private hospitals to cater to Mild Sickness cases also, the Dr Talwar Committee has also fixed per day admission rates for such cases at: Rs 6500, Rs 5500 and Rs 4500 respectively.
The move comes amid several complaints received by the state government of private hospitals charging exorbitantly for Covid treatment. The Chief Minister, who had personally also received complaints on this count, had asked the Dr Talwar committee and the state health and family welfare department to look into the matter and work out the rates after discussions with private hospitals.