Public Support Needed To Liberate Punjab From Traditional Parties: Brahmpura


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Taksalis Continue To Rage Against Badals Over Sacrilege Cases
Chandigarh, June 6 (Punjab Mail)-The SAD (Taksali) Chief Ranjit Singh Brahmpura held a telephonic conversation on Saturday with Rajya Sabha member Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa on Saturday that the next strategy for the welfare of the people of Punjab has been decided between the both leaders which is being heated discussion in the political corridors.
Details of the talks between the two leaders were revealed to the media by the Karnail Singh Peer Mohammad General Secretary of SAD (Taksali). “Even today, like-minded leaders who raised the banner of rebellion in the party are still standing on the same issue and are still frustrated with the Badals for making the party a private property”.
Even now there is still a state of despair over these issues, such as the desecration of religious texts, the pardon of the Dera chief (Self-styled Godman), Barghari, Behbal Kalan Firing Incidents and the downfall of the party has deviated from its Panthic principles under the leadership of the Badals. In particular, the Badals has taken full control of the SGPC and Sikhism is being vilified for personal gain.
Due to the issues raised above, the banner of rebellion against the Badals has been hoisted even today and the question of rejoining the party does not arise, even if the Badal family gives us any kind of greed. Therefore, do not believe such false news which is a whole bunch of lies fabricated by the Badals, “The taksali leaders claimed.
SAD (Taksali) general secretary, Karnail Singh also highlighted the fact that a series of meetings between the Taksali leaders is about to begin in which big decisions can be taken for the welfare of the people of Punjab which may prove to be effective in the future political arena of Punjab as well. It is to be noted that the above-mentioned meetings will forever sink the roots of the traditional parties of Punjab.
Commenting on the statement of Giani Harpreet Singh, Acting Jathedar of Akal Takht on the issue of Independent Sikh State, Karnail Singh Peer Mohammad said that it would have been better if Jathedar Sahib had spoken openly today because at present Sikhs all over the world want to hear from Jathedar Akal Takht Sahib “Are they working for the success of any of the Badals’ political agendas or for the Sikh community?” As the Badals have so far garnered votes in name of religion (Panth) and have played the role same role as the Congress, after gaining statehood,Therefore,Sikhs have no hope of justice by such criteria.
The taksalis concluded that the people of punjab should not fall prey to the false temptations of these traditional parties which have plundered and impoverished Punjab.