President Trump Announces his Nominee to the Supreme Court of the United States

And I couldn’t be more excited, Fellow Conservative. Thanks to President Trump’s leadership, we have the opportunity to confirm a THIRD strong conservative and strict constitutionalist to the Supreme Court in under FOUR YEARS.

However, Chuck Schumer and his liberal cronies are going to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to STOP this confirmation, which is why we need EVERY pro-Trump patriot to STEP UP and show that they stand with President Trump during this critical time in our country’s history.

In 2018, the Democrats tried to derail the confirmation of Justice Kavanaugh with desperate smears.

And we can expect them to do the same thing today, Fellow Conservative.

We are the FINAL LINE OF DEFENSE against the left-wing MOB. President Trump NEEDS US to stand with him to get his Supreme Court nominee CONFIRMED.