Pace of job losses slow in California, weekly total remains high


Sacramento, May 7 (Punjab Mail)- The pace of job losses in California has slowed for five consecutive weeks, yet the number of people filing for first-time unemployment claims remains at brutally high levels, the federal government reported Friday.

About 318,000 California workers filed initial claims for unemployment during the week that ended May 2, which was down slightly from the 325,000 who filed jobless claims for the week that ended April 25, the U.S. Labor Department reported.

During the eight weeks since shelter-in-place and business shutdown orders began, 4.05 million California workers have filed for unemployment, this news organization’s analysis of the federal reports shows.

In the United States, 3.17 million workers filed first-time claims for unemployment last week, down 677,000 from the 3.85 million who filed first-time claims during the week that ended on April 25.

Over the four most recent weeks, California’s jobless claims have totaled 1.83 million, while during the four weeks that ended on April 25, unemployment claims in this state averaged 2.43 million, a decrease of 600,000, using a benchmark known as the four-week moving average.

Nevertheless, the current pace of unemployment claims is about 11 times greater than was the case for any four-week period in 2020 prior to the mid-March start of the business shutdowns that were ordered by state and local governments.