“Know Thyself as Soul Foundation“ donates essential commodities to Chandigarh admin


Chandigarh, April 23 (Punjab Mail) –  In the battle against Covid-19 pandemic, “Know Thyself as Soul Foundation” organization donated essential commodities to the Deputy Commissioner Chandigarh.

Disclosing this, a spokesperson of the foundation said the organisation have donated 500 mattresses, 500 pillows with two covers each, 500 bed sheets, 500 spread sheets and 500 liquid hand wash to Chandigarh administration for the welfare of needy people living at temporary shelters.

He further added that this society is supporting the government’s tenacious effort to fight the corona disease. “We have already donated medical equipments to various hospitals including Kalka hospital and SAS Nagar administration besides more than 2000 cooked food/ration packets to the people living in slum areas irrespective of caste, religion or creed”, he said.

The spokesperson further informed that this society would continue to serve the people of the country with love and respect in future as well.