India opens doors for children of H-1 visa holders. Parents on H-1 visas from India were happy to return home with their children. As Indian govt on the recommendation of embassy of USA 


Washington D.C., May 25 (Raj Gogna Bholath/Punjab Mail)-yesterday,issued special order for osi holders to go to their country. Now they are allowed to travel to India as US citizens.  The parents thanked the Prime Minister of India, the Ministry of External Affairs and the Embassy for their support, which has led to a wave of happiness among parents with H-1 visas.
The release of the press note by the Indian Embassy, ​​it was learned that the Embassy has been in constant touch with the Government of India to resolve this issue.  This is a commendable decision of the Government of India.  Surprisingly, the educated young people who came to the USA from India. They have come for the job and their children are born here, some are two years old, some are three years old.  Legally, they were born here and became citizens of the United States.  The previous order was restricted their return to India . The parents of the children approached to embassy and appeared in news to put pressure on them. The relief given to them to go to India will work to reunite the family.
The coronavirus caused the H-1 visa holders to lose their jobs. They were eager to move to India, but their children were having trouble being citizens.  Because they were temporarily barred from India being born a US citizen.  The parents requested Indian Ambassador Taranjit Singh Sandhu that their jobs had been lost due to coronavirus.  It has become difficult for them to live in America.  Therefore, arrangements should be made to send their children back with them.  Ambassador Taranjit Singh has contacted the Ministry of External Affairs of India to alleviate the problem.  Which is being praised all around.The Government of India has approved this situation on priority basis and has made immediate arrangements to send these parents along with their children to India.  For which parents, along with their children, have started registering in droves back to India .
Jasdip singh Jesse chair of Sikhs of America hale the decision who’s help the parents to go along with them to their country. Jesse further said that coronavirus develop so many problems but embassy under the leadership of Ambassdar Taranjit singh sandhu resolved one by one. The effective community appreciated.