India and China trade disdain after ‘gang war by PLA’ high in the Himalayas


Dr . Manju Dagar, June 19 (Punjab Mail) – India and China trade disdain after ‘gang war by PLA’ high in the Himalayas. India and China traded blame Wednesday for a deadly clash that left 20 Indian soldiers dead high in the Himalayas and pushed the relationship between the two nuclear-armed neighbors into untried territory. Amid this conflict The Prime Minister sounded Indians to become “Self Reliant” i.e. in Hindi –“Aatm Nirbhar Bharat”. On the current military and trade scenario, I am going to ask some Questions to Dr Ajay Kumar PhD Chairman Fox Petroleum Group.


 Question: Dr Ajay Kumar, Let me start with today’s all party meeting help by Prime Minister Shri Nrendra Modi and he assured Indians that every inch of Indian Territory is secured? As a businessman how do you see banning trade with China is one of the counter to Chinese face off on Border?

 Ans. Once Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi said, everything is in control at border then we should show our respect to our ARMY and trust in every word spoken by THE Prime Minister. We should not have second thought when Prime Minister of India speaks to Indians. And, in case of National Emergency only option left to us is – No Indian should have rights to ask and sharing doubt on any plat form. It is my personal view. Country First rest is RIP i.e. returns in peace. 

 Now, coming to Business impact of this clash on border. India is not prepared to be manufacturing hub; you may blame Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi for this. But, at least he has started thinking to make India a manufacturing hub, but with a narrow minded by supporting only his club of Businessman. It is not an equal opportunity to all stake holders In India. Only who supports BJP and Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is allowed to do Business. Rest all of them are busy in Courts and engaged in RED TAPE. That leads China upper hand in trade war. It is known China’s centrality in trade and India’s insignificant share in global trade, banning trade will barely hurt China while adversely impacting Indian consumers and businesses. But – When it comes to Patriotism, Army fights on Border, Businessman ready to support and already supporting the Government. This is the time to be with Prime Minister without any if and but.

 Question: Dr Ajay Kumar will you spread some light in your potential, about India – China Trade Relationship: The Trade Giants relationship in the Past, at Present and in Future?

 Ans. The relationship between the two nuclear giants of Asia – India and China, along with the world, has been progressing at a tremendous pace. Both nations have witnessed their share of ups-and-downs over the years. India and China today represents Asia’s two largest and most dynamic economies which are emerging as new trend setters in international relations. The history of bilateral relations between India and China dates back to mid 1980s.

 In 1984 efforts were initiated to make the most of their economic strengths so as to further the economy relations between India and China. First India and china entered into a Trade Agreement, which provided them with the status of Most Favored Nation (MFN). It was in 1992 that the India and China got involved in a full-fledged bilateral trade relation. In years it got strengthened. In the year 1994 can be marked the beginning of a new era in the India- China economic relations. In this year a double Taxation Agreement was signed between India and China. The government of both the countries also took the necessary initiative to turn into dialogue partners in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). In 2003, Bangkok Agreement was signed the two countries. Under this agreement both India and china offered some trade preferences to each other. India provided preferences on tariff for 217 products export from India. In 2003, India and China entered into an agreement to initiate open border trade via the Silk Route. But call it a HISTORY.

 Now, from 2014, India and China got bigger and better relationship. Credit goes to Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi despite that Government of India was not comfortable with China on some other issues of conflict, but were good in trade. Interestingly, during April – October 2017, India’s export growth to China witnessed a surge from 40% in April 2017 to 72.13% in October 2017 whereas India’s import growth from China shrunk from 64.7% to 4.22% during the same period. But it was once in the whole chart of Business. Current situation is just reverse. I don’t see good future of Indo-china trade relationship. It is going to soar more in coming days. As Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi’s working style is very different, if you are his friend, you can swing on “Jhula” and if you become his enemy, he will cut the rope of “Jhula”.

 Question: Dr Ajay Kumar, wider armed conflict between India and China unlikely despite ‘violent’ border clash as I am reading both side? As, I see China used wuhan virus to become super power and killed the trade and economy of the world. And, now border conflict with India who the best combat army in the world in high altitude warfare. This all fight is for grabbing others Business. How Indian Business will be impacted?

Answer: On the Border on Order – Indian Army will smash them. In Business, The Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi has got all support from Industry despite we are fighting Covid19 Pandemic. Any miss adventure to harm Indian Business from China will lead India to retaliate. And Indian Businessman will give complex to Indian Army by damaging China in world economic front. Indian Industry will eat Chinese market share. And, for your information, China will make India super power, more they fight more the India will grow. The world is fed-up with Chinese aggression in Business and War. WORLD IS LOOKING AT INDIA AS SAVIOUR. 

 Question: Dr Ajay Kumar, let me include United States of America, please explain the difference between US-China trade war and India-China trade war and its impact on India?

Answer: Between the trade conflicts – the pressure on Indian Industrialist will grow. AS I see United States is not happy with China at all, and Australia and many Countries from Europe joins the league. Many countries analyzing, and reassessing their relationship with China. It is going to impact China badly and what is bad for China is going to be good for India. And, India is respectable partner to the world Industry.

Trade war between US-and-China is already in bad shape. The United States decision to raise tariffs to 25% on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods took effect — a move that potentially impacted goods trade in more than 5,700 product categories, and sparked another round of tariff wars between the world’s two largest economies.

 On another event, Washington slapped a new round of tariffs on almost all of China’s remaining imports. These tariffs applied to an even broader range of traded goods — estimated at about $300 billion. 

 US-China trade war has started showing impact since end of 2019. But this could be a short-term impact on the stock markets. The benchmark Sensex at the Bombay Stock Exchange had been falling in line with global markets that had been spooked by the escalating trade war between the US and China.

 The Government of India, is slow in slapping tariff raise on Chinese goods, but sooner or later it is will happen. India started boycotting the Chinese from bids and projects. There investment will be monitored. All these actions, will burden on Indian Industrialist to gear up for “MODI ERA INDUATRIAL REVOLUTION”. At the end, it is going fall in Indian Industrialist platter.

 Question: Dr Ajay Kumar, my last question, what are your immediate suggestions for the Government of India to make better use of this standoff at border and standoff of China against world economy?

 Ans. I have no suggestions for Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi. He has his club of people, he listens to them, and they are in better capacity and knowledge compared to me. I hate suggestions; I love solutions in infinite form. Yes, I have suggestions for my fellow Businessman, entrepreneurs to gear up for the new challenge. Retain  your staff as you are going to see Industrial Revolution in India forcefully. Good luck to all of them. Support the Prime Minister’s move to make India – “Aatm Nirbhar Bharat”. God bless Indians. Jai Hind.