Free Bike Registration Now Available with Davis Police Department


Davis, May 12 (Punjab Mail)- The Davis Police Department receives between 400 to 500 bicycle theft reports annually. Oftentimes, when a bike is reported stolen the owner does not have a record of the serial number to make the report, which makes it extremely difficult to return the bike to owner even if it is found.

In an effort to return as many bicycles to their owners as possible, the Police Department is excited to announce a free Bicycle Registration System. This online system allows a bicycle owner to submit detailed information regarding their bicycle, including a photo and/or a copy of the receipt, to the Police Department.

The serial number and description, when provided at the time of the report, allows Dispatchers to enter the property into the California Automated Property System which makes it easier to recover stolen property and contact the rightful owner when the bike is recovered. Additionally, the Police Department is able to determine who owns the bike even if it hasn’t been reported stolen.

Once submitted, bicycle owner will receive an email copy of the registration for their records. The information will also be maintained by the Police Department. To register your bicycle, go to and click the link for Bicycle Registration.