Ensuring Justice is the main objective of Judicial System: Justice Sharma


Chandigarh, July 17 (Punjab Mail)- “Ensuring justice is the main objective of judicial system and every possible measure should be taken to ensure the same”. These remarks were made by Justice Vinod Kumar Sharma (Retd), Lokpal Punjab while addressing the students in a webinar on “World Day for International Justice” organized by Aryans College of Law.
Stressing upon the importance of Justice, Justice Vinod Kumar Sharma said that the day is celebrated to make people aware and bring together to support the equality before Law and also to promote and ensure the rights of victims. He added that the need for international justice has become more important during the recent reports of violation and international human rights movement titled “Black Lives Matter.” He also encouraged that we must remind ourselves the importance of ensuring justice and accountability not just as legal obligation, but as a moral necessity.
Dr. Anshu Kataria, Chairman, Aryans Group extended vote of thanks to the Chief Guest.