Covid 19: Punjab Government issues health advisory for citizens of state


* Do and don’t for  attending a mass gathering 

Chandigarh, MARCH 6 (Punjab Mail USA)- The Punjab Government today issued a health advisory pertaining do and don’t and  precautions to be taken while attending a mass gathering.

The  Health advisory says do not shake hands, Do not hug anyone, Do not spit in open Anyone having fever, cough should avoid going to a mass gathering, A distance of at least 1 meter should be maintained from a person who is having fever or cough. Anyone having cough or fever should cover the face with amask or handkerchief. Anyone having fever or cough should self-report to nearest Govt hospital. Anyone who has travelled to China, Nepal etc in last 14 days should isolate himself/herself at home for 14 days and should not attend any mass gathering. Healthy person (not having fever or cough) does not need a mask. Call helpline number 104 for any more information.