Councilman Guerra and Local Organizations Recognize Clean Air Day


Sacramento, October 7 (Punjab Mail)- City Councilmember and Sac Metro Air District Chair Eric Guerra joined local agencies, the Sac Metro Air District, Sacramento Area Council of Governments and the Local Government Commission to commemorate California Clean Air Day.

“Every day that we see smoke in our air and witness the terrible pollution impacts from wildfires we are starkly reminded of the importance of clean air for public health. Clean Air Day is recognizing that we all must continue the fight against air and climate pollution from all sources, including fires,” Dr. Alberto Ayala, Executive Director and Air Pollution Control Officer for the Sac Metro Air District said.

“This year we also celebrate the 50th anniversary of the federal Clean Air Act, the single most important legislative achievement in the history of the environmental movement. This act is the tool that opened the door to the tremendous clean air progress we have witnessed in the U.S., California, and the Sacramento region over the last five decades,” Dr. Ayala said.

The 1970 CAA authorized the establishment of air quality standards to protect public health and the environment. Today, states can develop emission reduction strategies to address improving air quality in their region.

“Transportation is responsible for 40 percent of California’s greenhouse gas emissions and the Sacramento Area Council of Governments is working every day to lower that number. You can help too. Every time you choose not to drive alone you help reduce air pollution, so think about your options. Today is the day to commit to taking transit, walking, biking, working from home, switching to an electric vehicle, and driving less,” said James Corless, SACOG Executive Director.

“California has the worst air quality in the country, with seven of the top ten most ozone-polluted cities being in our state. And the Sacramento metropolitan region is the fifth-most ozone polluted city in the country. California’s Clean Air Day is a reminder that every day should be a clean air day,” said Corless.

“The effects of climate change are irrefutable in California and locally, here in Sacramento. We can be the renewable energy leader for the country while maintaining an emphasis on creating jobs for our local workers. This is why I am championing, with SMUD, the development of the California Mobility Center. We are on the cusp of drastic adaptation in the world of mobility and the CMC solidifies and maximizes Sacramento’s position as a hub for investment in clean air technologies,” Councilmember and Chair of the Air District Eric Guerra said.

The California Mobility Center is a public-private partnership that connects future mobility start-ups to leading commercial, institutional, financial and governmental organizations with a common interest in the future of sustainable mobility. The CMC, as well as the organizations partnering here, are invested in the health and safety of Sacramentans and our neighbors across the state.

“The Local Government Commission helps communities across California become healthier, more walkable, and resilient for the future. Local governments can improve community livability by taking decisive action now, in the spirit of California Clean Air Day, to invest in bicycle, pedestrian, and electric-vehicle infrastructure and to encourage transit-oriented development and building electrification,” said Kate Meis, Executive Director of the Local Government Commission. “Wildfires around the state again remind us how imperative it is to reduce air pollution and fight climate change. The steps we take today will create cleaner air and healthier communities tomorrow.”