Coaches will provide online training to players


· Director instructed coaches through virtual meeting
Chandigarh, July 12 (Punjab Mail)- Punjab sports coaches will provide online training to the players in these perilous times of COVID-19, said Mr. D.P.S. Kharbanda, Director Sports, Punjab after presiding over a virtual meeting with them. He directed coaches to ensure smooth online training to the players by all means.
Mr. Kharbanda also instructed them to strictly adhere to the procedure of online training to budding and established players so that they are always ready for competitions. “Coaches should follow social distancing protocol and provide training as well as special diet to the players so that nutrition of players could be ensured during the lockdown/unlock period”, he added. Coaches have also been directed to arrange necessary equipments and maintain sports infrastructure especially athletic track. Mr. Kharbanda asked all the coaches to work diligently to achieve the national goal to make India sports super power.