Check the facts with date : 15th July 1962, only 97 days before 1962 war. At that time it was Nehru’s warning , now it is Modi’s.


Pushed back to 1.8 KM

Irelan, July 09 (Dr Manju Dagar Chaudhary/Punjab Mail) – Chinese
Modi repeating the same mistake what Nehru did in 1962.  Amid Power Competition US-China conflict makes war more likely, U.S. may nullify China. But that is not going to be the gain for India. Expert  says despite being nullified by U.S. the China will remain threat to India and in a better situation than before. Indian Prime Minister is still not able to recognize the threat, and the enemy.
American narrative, for the United States, “our long-term challenges,” Esper continued, “is China, No. 1, and Russia, No. 2. And what we see happening out there is a China that continues to grow its military strength, its economic power, its commercial activity, and it’s doing so, in many ways, illicitly — or it’s using the international rules-based order against us to continue this growth, to acquire technology, and to do the things that really undermine our [and our allies’] sovereignty, that undermine the rule of law, that really question [Beijing’s] commitment to human rights.
Still India doing the same mistake, and not ready to take on China – head on. As United States, Japan and Australia are ready to support on Laddakh standoff. But ignoring this is taking us to 1962 situation.  Why I am saying this, let me take you to 1962 – Was the USA ready to send its air force to attack China in 1962 if the war with India had not ended? And, how China  ended it, to reopen against India at so many locations in last 20 Years. Chin grabbed Indian territory slowly in every five years. Be it Former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayees time or during Manmohn Singh tenure.
John K Galbraith was the US ambassador in Delhi in 1961 and had direct access to JFK. Nehru, a cerebral head of government, Galbraith, an erudite ambassador and Kennedy, a Democrat who was inclined to temper the pro-Pakistan line of earlier US administrations, was a good combination to improve India–US relations. This triumvirate could have set India on the path that China took ten years later in 1971.
Unfortunately for India, Nehru’s meetings with Kennedy did not go well. According to those who were present at these meetings, Nehru was distracted and responded to JFK in monosyllables. Later on In panic mode, Nehru wrote two letters to JFK on 19 November 1962. In the first letter, Nehru thanked JFK for the small arms and ammunition already received and sought “air transport and jet fighters to stem the tide of Chinese aggression”.
In Nehru’s second letter to JFK he emphasised that Chinese forces were threatening the entire Brahmaputra valley and that he was concerned about aggression into Kashmir. Nehru felt that the only way of checking the Chinese was to use air power, and India needed twelve US squadrons of supersonic all-weather aircraft. And that the US personnel would have to fly the fighters and man the radar stations till Indian personnel could be trained.
Nehru also sought two squadrons of B-47 bombers and confirmed that these fighters and bombers would be used only against China, not Pakistan. Just two days after Nehru had sent these written requests to the US President, China declared a unilateral ceasefire on 21 November 1962. We will never know whether the US would have sent the fighters and bombers and air force personnel if Chinese forces had moved southward into Assam.
It is likely that China’s decision to declare a unilateral ceasefire was influenced by their assessment that the US and other Western countries were on the verge of providing substantial military and technical assistance to democratic India against communist China.
Same is done, now. United States is more clear in 2020 to std with India then 1962, but Prime Minister Modi failed and irked United States once again. On the other hand, India went to buy Russian arms. At the current time, India needs United States, as U.S. is now more clear in support for India on China border issues. Now, United States my not join U.S. on Pakistan issue, and my tell India to fight its own war, as U.S.  will fight its won war in South China sea.
Blaming Framing and Shaming is not going to be enough for the damage done by China to the world.  U.S. should not do the same mistake done by India in 1962 by going full offensive. Isolate China and put China under lockdown is the only solution before US and Other West Countries. A report says, Compared to U.S. strike power by 2024 or 2025 there is a serious risk for the PLA (Peoples Liberation Army of China) that their military developments will be obsolete.  It means, “The Americans are coming back strongly”.
Conclusion: For Prime Minister Modi push back of China is not a victory of India, and he should not celebrate. It is again a failure as Chinese left to some back not to their home, and if Aksai chin is our part, then they are still on our land. This lie will dent Modi’s image and BJP in long run. The time has come, and it is the right time, to make plan against China. Isolate China with the help of West and U.S. This is the right time – U.S. and India must develop plan to counter China’s efforts to strengthen its position in Indian Ocean and India must lead to South China. According to the Hudson Institute think-tank, the coronavirus pandemic threatens not only lives and livelihoods in South Asia; it could also be the precursor of significant political and strategic shifts in the region.