Badals must clarify why they posted a known criminal officer like Sumedh Saini as DGP Punjab during their so called “Panthic” government: Khaira


Chandigarh, May 9 (Punjab Mail)- In a hard hitting statement released here today Sukhpal Khaira MLA and former Leader of Opposition questioned the Badal duo over appointment of Sumedh Saini as DGP, during their so called “Panthic” government. Khaira said although very belated yet the Captain government has filed a FIR against Sumedh Saini for abduction, kidnapping etc. of Balwant Singh Multani son of former IAS officer late Darshan Singh Multani in the year 1991.

Khaira said this was not the first charge of physical elimination of innocent people by Sumedh Saini during his tenure as SSP in various districts of Punjab including Chandigarh. He said in fact Saini was the mastermind of eliminating innocents in fake encounters and third degree torture during the troubled times of militancy in Punjab. Khaira said officers like Saini, KPS Gill and J.F. Ribero were known encounter specialists and criminals in uniform, who killed hundreds of innocent youth in cold blooded murders during militancy. He said they were also responsible for creating police “cats” like Phula Nihang, Pinky etc., to kill people on their verbal orders.

Khaira said while appointing Sumedh Saini first as Chief Vigilance Officer and then DGP, the Badals were well aware of an abduction and triple murder case related to infamous Saini Motors in 1994 pending against Sumedh Saini in a special CBI court at Delhi. Khaira said it is an open secret that it was on the behest of Saini that Phula Nihang killed and subsequently burnt the whole Jatana family and their house in the nineties.

Khaira said it was saddening to note, why the Supreme Court quashed the FIR against Sumedh Saini in the same Balwant Multani case registered by the CBI on directions from High Court of Punjab and Haryana despite incriminating evidence, due to which a criminal like him scott free for decades. Khaira said that criminals like Sumedh Saini have always been shielded, protected by a deep state policy of India, so that they can misuse such criminals in uniform to kill innocents particularly minorities.

Khaira said although it was understood that a party like Congress that attacked Darbar Sahib and subsequently committed genocide of the Sikhs in Delhi in the aftermath of 1984 to indulge in anti Sikh acts but why did the Badals who claim themselves to be “Panthic” and sole champions of Sikh community protect, shield and then award criminals like Sumedh Saini with top positions? Why did Badals pick up officers like Izhar Alam of the infamous “Alam Sena”(cats) and award them with MLA seats such as Malerkotla? Why did the Badals not take action against guilty police officers, who killed two innocent Sikh youth in Behbal Kalan firing in October 2015 during their tenure? questioned Khaira.

Khaira said the truth of the matter is that Badals are frontmen and agents of the deep Indian state, who used their identity as Sikh leaders to tarnish, malign and ultimately annihilate the Sikhs and in return the Badals were allowed to amass thousands of crores of ill-gotten wealth and scott free with their blessings. Khaira dared the Badal duo to an open debate on their anti Sikh agenda at a place and time of their choice.