AAP “rebels” form Punjab Regional Discussion Front


“Front is non-political”: MLAs
Chandigarh, Sep 19 (Punjab Mail)- Four MLAs of Punjab have decided to form a new platform called Punjab Regional Discussion Front to brainstorm on various issues plaguing the State.
The Four, Jagdev Singh Kamalu, Pirmal Singh Khalsa, Kanwar Sandhu and Jagtar Singh Hissowal, said that the Front would engage with like-minded people from across the state, intellectuals, retired officers, academicians, domain experts and legal luminaries with a view to suggest a way forward.
In a media release, Jagdev Singh said that it would be a non-political body working across parties, forums, unions and other bodies. “The decision follows feedback from lots of people with in the state and also Punjabis settled abroad,” he said. He said that they had already had a series of meetings with dozens of people, including domain experts in the last few days. They would also be engaging with Punjabis settled abroad, who still evince interest in welfare of the state and its people.
Asked why they had formed a non-political body, Jagdev Singh said that this was to facilitate interaction and discussions with people who may have been a part of different political groups or parties.