AAP for convening of special Assembly session to ensure legal guarantee of MSP


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Chandigarh, November 6 (Punjab Mail)- Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Punjab senior leader and Leader of Opposition (LoP) Harpal Singh Cheema has demanded that the Amarinder Singh Government should immediately convene a special session of Punjab Vidhan Sabha to ensure guarantee of procurement of crops at MSP, by enacting a law of its own
Harpal Singh Cheema said this while addressing a press conference here on Friday. He said that the one and only concern of the farmers of Punjab was the guarantee of procurement of their crops MSP, adding that since the Union government was in no mood to retract on guaranteeing the same, making it imperative for the Captain government to step in and ensure purchase of all crops at the MSP by way of enacting a law.
The LoP on the occasion said that no agriculture expert or economist could deny the stark reality that if the Centre’s agriculture marketing laws were implemented in Punjab, the state and central government agencies involved in the procurement process of wheat and paddy would be rendered redundant, making their plight worse than their UP and Bihar counterparts, leaving them at the mercy of private and corporate houses.
Cheema further added that, fearing the disastrous ramifications of the deadly central laws, the farmers of Punjab were left to wage a relentless battle to protect their future. The AAP leader said the stubborn stance of the government at the Center towards Punjab and, of course, the hypocritical approach of the Amarinder Singh government had forced the farmers to resort to fight their battle on the roads, where they were being joined in by all sections of the society.
Cheema said that the enactment of its own law was essential to ensure guarantee of procurement of all crops of the Punjab farmers at MSP, since Agriculture was the prerogative of the state as listed in the constitution, adding that Punjab was within its powers to enact own law in this regard, ensuring purchase of crop at the MSP. The LoP said:“Given the gravity of the situation, there is a dire need for a detailed discussion on the issue in the Assembly, which has not taken place so far, compounding the problems of the agrarian state.”
Cheema said Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh should shun his hypocrisy and show a little seriousness in taking a call on the issue and resolve the crisis being faced by, sooner than later. He should convene a special session of Vidhan Sabha without further loss of time.