Register for Free Emergency Notifications


Fresno, July 21 (Punjab Mail)- The Mineral Fire, currently burning in western Fresno County, is a reminder of how quickly a potentially disastrous situation can take place. One of the best defenses toward keeping you and your family safe is to be connected to emergency notifications so you can make smart decisions if evacuation orders come your way.

The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office utilizes a mass notification emergency system called Everbridge, which is a digital platform that delivers emergency alerts to your landlines and mobile devices through calls, texts and emails. You don’t need to be in the area to get these critical updates, so even if you away for work or vacation, you will know what’s going on at home.  Please share this information with your audiences, as well as your family, friends and neighbors.

Sign-up free. Once a member, you can also download the Everbridge mobile app from iTunes and Google Play.